Cases In which David Has Served as Neutral or Counsel

  • Principal negotiator during a critical phase of the litigation on behalf of 500,000 Native Americans during mediation – Cobell, et al. v. Secretary of Interior, et al ($3.4 billion resolution in 2012).

  • Defended a multi-national corporation in a “bet-the-company” class action case in California regarding claims of mislabeling and other product irregularities.

  • Member of three-person arbitration panel in a major dispute between a car manufacturer and its dealers in the Southeast United States.

  • Mediator in a dispute between a major hospital and third-party payors regarding multi-million dollar billing issues.

  • Represented many plaintiffs in catastrophic burn injury cases through mediation.                                                  

  • Mediator in a case between the class of plaintiffs and manufacturer of knee replacements.            

  • Defended physicians’ groups regarding billing irregularities and whistleblower claims.                                

  • Represented sitting judge after he was hit by a city bus while crossing a street. 

  • Represented the family of a prominent lawyer who was killed while piloting a private jet that collided with another plane in mid-air two minutes after leaving the airport.

  • Represented a physician’s spouse in a wrongful death suit against a railroad company.

  • Represented a bank executive’s estate after he was struck  by a dump truck while proceeding through a crosswalk in a downtown metropolitan area. 

  • Represented a young man who lost the use of his hands when he was thrown into live electrical wires that should have been turned off while moving a house trailer. Stands as the largest verdict in the circuit.

  • Defended doctors, physicians’ groups, and hospitals in medical malpractice claims and other matters.